The Top 5 accessories for the office


Whether you're heading back to the office after an extended period of working from home, returning from vacation, or just looking to add some style and functionality to your workday, the right accessories can help to make office life more comfortable, less stressful, and even more efficient. To this end, we've picked our favorite premium accessories from Moshi's comprehensive lineup to give you some fresh inspiration for work while also complementing your style at the same time. 

Dual-sided badge holder

An office worker with a Moshi Dual-sided badge holder around their neck, office ID is visible in the holder

The latest addition to Moshi's line of office- and work-friendly accessories, the Dual-sided Badge holder takes your workplace ID or access card to the next level. A front cut-out window lets your ID shine through while the back conceals a second card slot for storing an access card, credit card, or other payment card. The real genius however lies in the middle, where a layer of anti-interference shielding prevents the two cards' electromagnetic signals from interfering with one another. The result is a perfect scan for each card, every time. The Dual-sided Badge Holder is constructed from premium vegan leather and has been treated with Moshi's NanoShield™ anti-microbial coating, which neutralizes germs and bacteria upon contact to prevent them from spreading.

Key Ring

A Moshi key ring on a table with three keys attached

At Moshi, we believe that even the humble key can become an elegant accessory. Our Key Ring is crafted from premium vegan leather and comes in three colors sure to complement your office style. A zinc-alloy spring clasp allows you to attach your keys to a bag, belt, purse, or other larger item to prevent loss and damage. 

SnapTo Slim Wallet

A Moshi SnapTo Slim Wallet attached to a phone and containing and office access card. The card is being scanned on the entry gates at an office

Got just one card which you need to keep with you in the office or when heading out for lunch? The SnapTo Slim Wallet is the perfect add-on for hands-free card-carrying convenience. Literally snapping to the back of a Moshi SnapTo iPhone case, the slim wallet holds your most important card, keeping your hands free for doors, coffee cups, and whatever else you may encounter throughout your day. The premium vegan leather construction supports tap-and-go pass-through, so there's no need to remove the card when scanning, and also features Moshi's NanoShield anti-microbial coating to neutralize germs and bacteria upon contact. 

Apple Pencil Case

Close up of a person removing an Apple Pencil from a Moshi Apple Pencil Casse

If you use Apple Pencil for work, you'll know how easy it is to damage or even misplace during a busy day at the office. Moshi's Apple Pencil Case envelops the Apple Pencil in soft microfiber for ultimate scratch and drop protection, with a premium vegan leather outer to match the office environment and your style. The Apple Pencil Case also attaches to Moshi's VersaCover iPad case to keep iPad and Pencil together and ready for the next task.

Deep Purple

Placing a phone and Apple Watch inside Deep Purple, which is open and resting on a table

With many people returning to the office after long stints working remotely, the thought of touching so many common-use items may be particularly worrying. Deep Purple™ is your very own portable sanitization assistant when it comes to commonly touched public and personal items. Sanitize pens, electronics, stationery, keys, and more in just 4 minutes thanks to Deep Purple's LumiClear™ platform and full 360° single-cycle cleaning. The ultimate in portable sanitization, Deep Purple­™ folds flat to only 2 cm thick and can be powered by any USB source such as a wall adapter, car charger, or portable battery.

Looking for more inspiration for office life? We've got more stylish and functional accessories to help you through your workday, check out our full range at


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