The definitive guide to Moshi accessories for iPad aficionados

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When it comes to tablets, the iPad family has undeniably set the standard for versatile, hybrid computing, no matter the use case. Since the launch of the first iPad way back in 2010, it has continued to evolve, ultimately blurring the lines between tablet and laptop in terms of both performance and functionality. With the recent drastic changes to how we work, study, and play, the iPad has become an even more important tool for many people, so in this post we're taking a deep dive into the world of Moshi iPad accessories to discover which ones are best for which type of iPad use case. 

For creation

The Apple Pencil makes the iPad a powerful creativity tool for artists, illustrators, and designers, helping them express themselves directly on the screen no matter where they might be. Add to this the high resolution Liquid Retina and Liquid Retina XDR screens in newer iPads and it's difficult to discount iPad as the number one tablet choice for creatives.

Why is the iPad ideal for this?

Apple has generally been the number one choice for creatives for many years, harking right back to the early-generation Macintosh computers which featured a design-centric operating system, custom programs for creativity, and more realistic rendering of fonts. Little has changed when it comes to iPad, with design and creativity remaining cornerstones of the ecosystem. Aside from highly responsive Apple Pencil input for freestyle drawing and illustration, popular creativity programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and Procreate have their own native iPadOS apps to get the most out of the platform. The iPad Pro also packs high-end hardware capable of handling intensive design applications, with the newest 12.9-inch model using the same M1 processor as the MacBook Air laptop.

What kind of people use an iPad for this and where?

One of the iPad's greatest advantages is its ability to act as a highly portable substitute for a laptop or desktop computer, especially when on the go. Add to this Apple Pencil input for sketching, drawing, or writing as a direct input, and the iPad instantly becomes a valuable creativity tool for illustrators, graphic designers, videographers, and other artists. Of course, most design will be done on a MacBook or iMac, but having the option to sketch out a concept on an iPad or bring it outside when seeking inspiration further encourages the creation process.

Which iPad is likely to be used and why?

iPad Pro is the most likely choice for creativity users, as Apple Pencil support is mandatory and the increased power allows them to undertake more intensive design tasks directly on the iPad. The newer iPad Pro models feature some of the best screens of any tablet, producing rich, accurate colors and ultra-high resolution graphics which will be appreciated by those with an eye for finer details.

What are the pain points of this use case?

Of course, the iPad may not be 100% perfect for every designer. The gloss of the screen can cause reflections and glare, especially when used outdoors, with fingerprints and smudges left by the hand when drawing becoming more obvious in direct light. Some may find the drawing experience un-natural, with the sensation of the Apple Pencil gliding over the iPad's smooth glass screen considerably different to traditional paper, combined with the difficulty of holding the iPad at the most comfortable angle detracting from the experience. Finally, as useful as the Apple Pencil may be, the magnets which hold it to the side of the iPad when not in use may not be strong enough to keep the Pencil in place when in a bag or walking outside, increasing the possibility of loss or damage.

Product list:

VersaCover folding iPad case - Protects iPad against shocks and scratches and positions it at the optimum angle for drawing. The magnetic flap closure also holds Apple Pencil securely in place to prevent loss.

iVisor AG anti-glare screen protector - Reduces glare and reflection, especially outdoors and in bright office environments, and is fully washable to remove fingerprints and smudges left by hands while drawing. Moshi's proprietary EZ-Glide™ coating improves Apple Pencil responsiveness for a more natural feel.

USB-C to HDMI Adapter with Charging - Perfect for iPad Pro; put creations on the big screen for presenting or just a closer look. Allows for simultaneous video output and charging via USB-C.

Tego Sling Messenger - Features a 13" padded internal compartment big enough for any iPad, plus enough room inside for accessories and other daily essentials. Hands-free functionality also makes it easy to carry an iPad in-hand while walking or working.

TeraGlove Cleaning Kit - Easy-grip cleaning solution designed specifically for large-format displays. Dual-sided construction with Terahedron™ microfiber to clean fingerprints and smudges, plus a suede-like inner to remove dust and lint. Includes a mini spray bottle for water- or alcohol-assisted cleaning.

For home and study

Why is the iPad ideal for this?

The iPad's versatility is probably its biggest feature, making it adaptable to a wide range of daily tasks, especially around the home. Part computer, part tablet, part smartphone, the iPad doesn't need a permanent set-up, can be used without a keyboard, and has a long standby life with almost instant wake, making it ready for use wherever and whenever it may be required.

What kind of people use an iPad for this and where?

For the home-maker, the iPad has a place in almost every room of the house. In the kitchen, it acts as a digital recipe book, displaying recipes, how-to videos, or just entertainment while cooking. During downtime, it works as an e-reader for books, magazines, and newspapers, an entertainment hub for streaming content, a media center for music, a digital photo frame when not in use, or even a much-needed babysitter for entertaining children.

Students also love the iPad's versatility, helping them stay connected and organized at home and on campus. Costing and weighing less than a standard laptop, the iPad is easy to carry to and from class, where it can be used for viewing lecture slides and taking notes with the Apple Pencil and can also be used for joining remote study sessions and browsing academic journals. On-campus all semester? The iPad doubles as an entertainment center for music and movies, and can be used to stay in touch with family and friends back home.

The iPad is also a great choice for anyone who doesn't need a full laptop but wants a bigger screen than their phone. iPad handles streaming, web browsing, communications, light gaming, and social media with ease, perfect for casual use anywhere, anytime.

Which iPad is likely to be used and why?

iPad and iPad Air are a great choice here for their relative affordability, reasonable processing power, and screen size, plus newer versions also support Apple Pencil for free-hand notetaking. Some may even prefer the ultra-compact iPad Mini due to its entry-level pricing and smaller form factor, especially for kids.

What are the pain points of this use case?

Due to the multitude of different uses around the house, it can be difficult to position the iPad at the best angle for every task. Many people may also find themselves using their iPad all day (either at home or at school), leaving them vulnerable to the battery running out when least expected—especially if they forgot to charge the night before. Finally, while an iPad can be a great entertainer for kids, younger children may not understand the level of care with which they need to treat the iPad, making it more susceptible to damage.

Product list:

VersaCover folding iPad cover - Protection is just as versatile as the iPad itself. VersaCover not only protects iPad from the rigors of life around the home and mishandling by kids, but also allows it to be placed at a range of viewing angles to suit the task at hand; reading mode when cooking in the kitchen, typing mode for social media, and video mode when watching movies or using as a media center.

Integra USB-A to Lightning with 90-degree connector 5 ft. (1.5 m) - Great for charging iPad anywhere around the home, with extra length helping reach the bed or sofa. The 90-degree connector makes it easier to hold iPad in landscape mode for watching videos while charging. 

Integra™ Aux to Lightning Cable 4 ft. (1.2 m) - Turn iPad into a powerful media center by connecting directly to a sound bar, home theater system, or other speakers. Capable of supporting Apple's new Lossless Audio service, providing high-quality music while working, relaxing at home, or for the next big party.

Also available: Aux to USB-C Cable 4 ft. (1.2 m) for iPad Air (4th gen) and iPad Pro models.

3-in-1 Universal Charging Cable - Charge an entire house worth of gadgets with one cable! USB-C and Lightning connectors support all iPad models, plus iPhone and most Android smartphones. Additional micro USB connector for charging Bluetooth speakers, headphones, power banks, and more.

For travel

Why is the iPad ideal for this?

When traveling for work or leisure, most people will agree that lighter and smaller is best. Lugging a full-sized laptop and accessories on a vacation or business trip is less than ideal, not to mention the inconvenience of actually using a computer in a cramped airplane seat or at a tiny hotel room desk. Modern iPads can rival some laptops in terms of processing power and usability, especially when it comes to tasks like posting trip photos on social media, joining a conference call, or checking emails. iPad slides easily into many standard carry-on bags, perfect for in-flight movies or reading, and has the battery power to make it through a full day on the road.

What kind of people use an iPad for this and where?

Anyone traveling for leisure will likely use their iPad as a lightweight computer for keeping in touch and staying entertained during their journey. From checking the news at the airport to watching movies on a flight or train ride and checking in with family back home from the hotel, the iPad is the perfect all-purpose tool.

For business travelers, an iPad can serve as a laptop substitute when presenting to clients or visiting partners, even allowing for note-taking and signing of documents electronically using Apple Pencil. On longer journeys, iPad is a good way to check in on emails or join meetings without needing a full-sized laptop, and can also be used to check reports and presentations while on the move or in the hotel.

Which iPad is likely to be used and why?

A standard iPad or iPad Air is perfect for the average traveler, striking a good balance between screen size and portability, especially when weight is at a premium. These more affordable models are also less of a liability in tourist hotspots, where theft or loss may be common. Businesses may limit expenditure on personal devices, making iPad and iPad Air a justifiable compromise, with newer models adding Apple Pencil support for more effective note-taking.

What are the pain points of this use case?

While the iPad is highly portable, it was not made to handle the rigors of life on the road, and can be easily damaged during a journey. Charging can also be difficult, with adapters and cables notoriously easy to leave in a hotel room or airline seat, and even if they do make it to the destination, there's always the likelihood of not having the right outlet adapter. Some newer iPads don't have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, making it difficult to use premium wired headphones when Bluetooth is not permitted or they run out of battery.

Product list:

VersaCover folding iPad case - The ultimate in protection for life on the road. A shock-absorbing frame protects iPad from impacts while the soft microfiber-lined cover envelops the screen to prevent scratches. Use with ease anywhere during the journey with multiple viewing modes from the origami-inspired cover.

IonSlim 10K USB-C portable battery - Never run short of battery again, no matter how long the journey may be. High-power USB-C output can charge iPad Pro at maximum speed, with a USB-A output for older iPads or other devices.

Integra™ Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter - Connect premium wired headphones to iPad to enjoy high-quality sound including from Apple's new Lossless Audio service. Also great for long flights when Bluetooth is not permitted or Bluetooth headphones run out of battery mid-trip.

Also available: USB-C Digital Audio Adapter (for iPad Pro)

USB-A to Lightning Cable 10 ft. (3 m) - Because hotel and airport lounge power sockets are not always ideally located when you need a quick charge. Extra-long reach so there's no need to sit on the floor or leave iPad unattended while charging.

World Travel Adapter - A new destination brings new adventures—and likely new power sockets. Never get caught without the right adapter. USB-C and USB-A charging ports to suit all iPad models, plus additional ports and an AC socket to charge a total of six devices at once.

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