Moshi's Top 5 Accessories for MacBook


There's no doubt that an increasing number of students, creatives, and business professionals are choosing a MacBook over a PC or other solution as their primary productivity device. While the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are indeed highly-capable machines, the addition of quality accessories can not only further enhance productivity but also prevent damage and extend device lifecycles.

Moshi designs some of the industry's most innovative MacBook accessories. We have developed new products directly with Apple's engineering group, giving us a competitive advantage to provide tailored solutions and functionality for the latest devices. Together with our industry-leading 10-year Global Warranty, you can be assured that you will stay productive in the office, at home, or on the road with MacBook accessories by Moshi.

"quality accessories can not only further enhance productivity but also prevent damage and extend device lifecycles."

We've rounded up our top 5 MacBook accessories from our extensive range which can help you maximize the protection and connectivity of your MacBook. Of course, this list is just scratching the surface, so we recommend you check out our full range to find the perfect accessory for your device.


A MacBook bottom-up on a table with a Moshi iGlaze shell case installed

Your new MacBook is a significant investment, and you've probably purchased it with the intention of taking it with you to work, school, or when you travel. While there's no doubting that the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are some of the most portable and travel-friendly laptops out on the market, it doesn't take much for that lovely brushed metal exterior to show scratches, chips, and dents from a life on the road. Moshi's iGlaze slim hardshell cover for MacBooks is precision designed to hug the device's frame, protecting it from scratches and bumps while still allowing access to all ports. Sturdy rubberized feet on the base prevent slipping on most surfaces and elevate the device to encourage airflow. 


A hand peeling back a Moshi iVisor AG screen protector from the screen

When it comes to keeping MacBook's stunning Retina screen scratch- and fingerprint-free, a good screen protector can make all the difference. Moshi's iVisor screen protector is a washable and reusable with a patented triple-layer construction to ensure 100% bubble-free application. An anti-glare coating improves screen clarity and reduces eye-strain over long viewing periods. iVisor can be washed with water and a mild detergent, and applied over and over again. Also available is the ultra-clear iVisor XT for maximum screen clarity without an anti-glare filter. 

Symbus Q

A Moshi Symbus Q hub connected to a MacBook, with an iPhone on top charging wirelessly

With more people relying on their MacBook as their daily driver in the office or when working from home, the ability to connect an external monitor and accessories can help maximize productivity by turning your MacBook into a full desktop system. The limited number of USB-C ports and lack of traditional HDMI and USB-A ports on some MacBooks can restrict connectivity, making it difficult to add all the accessories you need during the working day. Moshi's Symbus Q compact USB-C hub is capable of providing 4K video (60 Hz/HDR), wired Ethernet, dual USB-A connectivity, and 60 W fast-charging using a single USB-C port. Connect an external monitor, keyboard, storage, and get reliable access to your home or office network while simultaneously charging your MacBook so you're ready to hit the road at a moment's notice. As an added bonus, atop Symbus Q is a 15 W Qi-certified wireless charger to keep your smartphone or wireless earbuds topped up while you work. 


A hand removing a Moshi ClearGuard keyboard protector from a MacBook keyboard

Anyone who has used a laptop keyboard for an extended period knows how quickly it can accumulate dirt and grease from your fingers and also how difficult it is to clean effectively. ClearGuard keyboard protector is washable and reusable solution for MacBooks designed to not only protect from finger grease but also prevent expensive damage caused by spilt liquid seeping through the keyboard. At just 0.1 mm thick, ClearGuard is practically invisible and won't affect keys' tactile feedback, backlighting, or the closure of the MacBook's lid. 

Symbus Mini

A Symbus Mini 7-in-1 hub connected to a laptop with various cables, USB drives, and memory cards connected

If you need a hub which you can use at home or the office and take with you when you head out, look no further than the 7-in-1 Symbus Mini; the world's most powerful portable hub solution. Symbus Mini expands a single MacBook USB-C port to provide HDMI 2.0 (4K/60 Hz/HDR), SD and microSD card slots, dual USB-A ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB-C charging pass-through up to 70 W. When not in use, the magnetic cable management system keeps the built-in USB-C cable and connector stashed neatly away to prevent damage. No matter whether you're downloading footage at a shoot, working from a hotel room or conference center, or looking for a full desktop setup from your laptop at home, Symbus Mini is the only USB-C hub you'll ever need.

Although these are our favorites, our extensive range of MacBook accessories doesn't stop there. We've got even more innovative products to help you get more out of your MacBook, so be sure to check out the full range for your exact device at using our Shop by Device tool.


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