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People love their AirPods. They look and sound great. They are convenient, pair almost instantaneously and have impressive battery life. The only issue with AirPods is that they can't connect to certain audio sources, like in-flight entertainment systems and TVs. This is where a handy device called a Bluetooth transmitter comes in. It plugs into any 3.5 mm stereo jack and sends out the audio wirelessly so you can connect and listen via your AirPods. Our Orbito Bluetooth transmitter does exactly this, and below are the top situations where you can use it to get the most out of your AirPods.

Make in-flight entertainment better

Whether by intention or due to slow product development, airlines often hold our audio freedom hostage with their special 2-plug audio output for in-flight entertainment systems. Passengers get stuck with no choice but to use cheap (and often disposable) earbuds, but luckily there's another option. Orbito's dual audio plugs are designed specifically for in-flight entertainment systems so you can now watch movies and listen comfortably with your AirPods. Not only will you enjoy top-notch sound quality, you're now free to move around in your seat without getting tangled up in the headphone cable.

Add wireless audio to your TV

TV is often a shared experience, but there are times when others in the house don't want to listen to your sports matches, Netflix shows or intense gaming battles. This is especially true late at night while others are sleeping. Simply connect Orbito to the audio output jack to give your TV a Bluetooth connection and immerse yourself in your favorite game or show without disturbing anyone. Works great to give older stereo equipment and DVD players a wireless connection as well.

Bring wireless audio to your Nintendo Switch

Gamers love their Nintendo Switch, but they are much less enthusiastic about its lack of Bluetooth capability. Luckily the Switch features a 3.5 mm audio jack so you can plug in Orbito to enjoy your level-busting exploits without an annoying cable getting in the way. Playing your Switch while listening to your AirPods at the same time is incredibly convenient while gaming on the go.

Workout freedom

Many gyms have treadmills, exercise bikes and rowers with built-in TV screens. These are nice amenities, but with no Bluetooth connection, patrons need to use wired headphones which are a nuisance. A Bluetooth transmitter like Orbito equips any exercise machine with wireless audio, so you can enjoy the tangle-free convenience of your AirPods while working out.

Ready to free yourself from wires use your AirPods anywhere? Pick up our Orbito Bluetooth transmitter to enjoy untethered audio in places you never thought possible.

Moshi's Orbito Bluetooth transmitter is stylishly compact and charges up via the included USB-C cable.


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